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Peninnis Farm Luxury Camping

Peninnis Farm Luxury Camping (7 units)
Location: Peninnis, St Mary's
Price range: £535 - £1,195 per unit (sleeps 6) per week.

Open dates: April to October
Phone: 01720 421008

No children
No dogs(out of peak season)
Not EE rated
Bryher campsite

Bryher campsite
Location: Behind Fraggle Rock cafe, Bryher
Price range: £10.25 per person per night (under 4s free)

Open dates: April to September
Phone: 01720 422068

No children
No dogs
Not EE rated

Garrison Campsite
Location: The Garrison, St Mary's

Phone: 01720 422670


St Agnes Campsite
Location: Troytown, St Agnes

Phone: 01720 422360


St Martin's Campsite
Location: Middletown, St Martin's

Phone: 01720 422888


For availability, please use the links to visit each property's individual website, or call/email them directly.
All prices quoted in this section are per person per night.


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