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Latest vacancies and special offers on the Isles of Scilly

This section of ScillyOnLine is the place to look for all the latest vacancy information and special offers. Please be aware that we are not a lettings agency. In other words, we don't deal directly with accommodation bookings here at ScillyOnLine, so you need to contact the accommodation provider directly (not us) for further information or to make a booking.



The Bell Rock Hotel are advertising a range of special offers during May, for further details see their special offers page.

The Schooners Hotel, centrally located right on town beach (sea view rooms available), are offering a special offer of 7 nights half board for the price of six if you quote "Scillyonline exclusive offer” when booking. Call 01720 422682 or or visit their website for more information.

Tregarthen’s Hotel are offering a selection of excellent value breaks for the 2017 season; from family packages to make the most of your time on Scilly to last minute deals for the perfect escape, please take a look their offers page for further information.
Tolman House offer a warm welcome, 4 star silver award comfort, en-suite rooms and panoramic sea views. For more information or 2017 availability, visit their website.

Larger properties (sleeping up to 6 - but many will offer discounted tariff for lower occupancy):

  • St Agnes Lighthouse Lets have some 2017 vacancies from May onwards, including 12th-19th May at Lowertown Farm (sleeps 10), and, due to a cancellation, 7th-14th June at Threshing Mill (sleeps 4). For further details, see their vacancies page.
  • Porthcressa Properties (three cottages, each sleeping 6) have some vacancies in May, June, September and October; see the availability page of their website for further details.
  • Porthmellon Hall (sleeps up to 6) have some 2017 vacancies and are sometimes able to offer late availability reductions, or a discount for two people - see their website, and please email for details.
  • 2 Bay View Terrace (three properties, sleeping 6, 4 and 2) have vacancies from 20th September, for further information visit the prices and availability page of their website.
  • Waverley House (sleeps 6) has some vacancies during 2017, for more information about dates and prices, visit their ScillyOnLine vacancy page.
  • Cowrie (sleeps 6) is open all year, and has some vacancies from 21st October onwards - for more information, visit their website.

Smaller properties (sleeping 5 or fewer):

  • 2 Rosevean House (sleeps up to 4) have vacancies from 6th May onwards; for details, see their ScillyOnLine webpage and call for further details.
  • Mount Todden cottage (sleeps up to 5) is in a great location out-of-town on St Mary's, and currently have a vacancy from 13th-20th May, along with a further week in October; see their webpages for further information.
  • Nowhere Chalet (sleeps 4) have vacancies from May onwards; for more information, visit the chalet page of their Island Sea Safaris website
  • Banfields Flats (four properties, each sleeps 2) have vacancies from 25th May onwards; for exact dates see their website vacancies page.
  • 6 & 10 Harbour Lights (two flats, each sleeping 4) have a few weeks still available during the 2017 season. For details, visit their availability page.
  • Top floor apartment (sleeps 2/3 - sofa bed in lounge) has some availability through 2017, for more information see their ScillyOnLine webpage, and call or email for vacancies and/or to book.
  • Albany & Thurleigh Flats (6 flats, each sleeps 2) have some vacancies during 2017. For further information visit their ScillyOnLine vacancy page.
  • (four flats, sleeping 1-4) have some vacancies during 2017. For details see their vacancies page.
  • The Flat, Bell Rock Hotel (sleeps 2) is a new property set within the hotel itself. They have some vacancies in July, August, September and October; for more information see their webpage, and contact the Hotel on 01720 422575 or to book.
  • The Parsonage (sleeping 2 - 4, on St Agnes) has vacancies from July to October; for details visit their vacancies page.
  • Little Avalon (sleeps 4) have a few 2017 vacancies during October. For details visit their ScillyOnLine webpage.
  • Tremellyn Vean (sleeps 2) has some vacancies throughout 2017; for further information, please see their tariff and vacancies page.
  • The View (sleeps 2) has some vacancies in 2017. For general information, see their website and call or email to check available dates.
Please note:
We do not hold any additional vacancy information, other than that featured here. I am unable to respond to calls or emails with more detailed queries (such as 'is there any dog-friendly accommodation available in July?'), but the Tourist Information Centre may be able to help you on (01720) 424031 / ,

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