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Carreg Dhu Community Garden (12kb)


(Pronounced locally as Crake Dew)

CARREG DHU is a community garden situated near Longstone Terrace in the centre of St. Mary's.  It is easily reached from either Hugh Town or Old Town (please see map for details).

CARREG DHU (Black Rocks) gives its name to a 1 1/2 acre Sub Tropical garden which has been formed, on several levels, from an old disused ram pit quarry.

The garden is sheltered from cold Easterly winds, and has seats sited in quiet corners. It is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and to appreciate the  variety of sub-tropical plants, shrubs and trees, which have been donated and nurtured by volunteers, since the garden was first started by Richard and June Lethbridge in 1986.

Entrance is free.  However the garden is always in need of voluntary help. Contributions to the upkeep and future development of the garden, may be made to: CARREG DHU GARDEN ACCOUNT Barclays Bank, St. Mary's, I.o.S.
Willing gardeners, both resident and visitors are always welcome.  Please contact  June Lethbridge (Tel. 01720 422404).

Hand tools are available from Four Seasons Guest House.
We hope you will visit CARREG DHU, a garden for everyone to enjoy.


How to Find the Garden

From Hugh Town (approx. 1 mile) - Walk up the Strand, taking Telegraph Rd., past Sandy Banks Farm.  Keep straight on, past the road leading to Parting Carn, until you reach a sharp bend known as New Seat Corner.  The track straight ahead leads to Longstone Terrace.  CARREG DHU is halfway up on the right.

From Old Town (11/2 miles from the centre of Hugh Town) - Take Old Town Lane, towards Parting Carn, walk past the lane leading to the Airport.  At the next junction look ahead for a track leading into the pines this leads to CARREG DHU

how to find the garden (4kb map)more detailed map (3kb)For more maps see here


Plan of the garden (47kb)