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Things to do on the Isles of Scilly


Scilly's clear water, abundant marinelife and many shipwrecks make it an ideal for diving and snorkelling.

St Marys

Moonshadow Charters, St Mary's. Jo Williams. (01720) 422848
Catering for up to 12 divers, with two dives per day; an excellent variety of scenic dives, marine life and wreck diving.

Tiburon Charters, St Mary's. Dave McBride. (01720) 423162

Underwater (Oxygen) Supplies, Porthmellon, St Marys. (01720) 422110

St Martins

Isles of Scilly Diving School, Higher Town, St Martins. Tim Allsop & Anna Cawthray - (01720) 422848
A range of activities for all ages and abilities: diving taster sessions, full diving courses for beginners or the more experienced, guided dives, snorkelling lessons, snorkelling safaris and snorkelling with the seals.

Morvoren Charters. Tim Allsop. (01720) 422848
For up to 12 divers, also air fills available.

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