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Local food & drink on the Isles of Scilly

With our mild climate, long sunshine hours and the clear, unpolluted seas that surround us, it's no surprise that Scilly boasts an abundance of locally grown and gathered foods. Islanders are resourceful, and are starting to make a range of wonderful products from this local harvest.

Indulge in an ice-cream made from local milk and cream, direct from the farm; or stop at a road-side stall to buy freshly-picked vegetables, salad, or perhaps a lobster straight from the sea? Hunt out those cafes where local produce is on the specials board - maybe a tender piece of island-reared beef, or some organically-grown strawberries, served with local clotted cream. Eat fish-and-chips direct from the fisherman and farmer; or enjoy a pint of local beer while the sun sets.

All these things will greatly add to your holiday experience, and at the same time, help to preserve the faming landscape and allow people to make a sustainable living on the islands. It's all good.

Local food producers are listed below, and also see here for where to buy, and cafes/restaurants who specialise in island produce.

Local food producers: meat, fish, vegetables and dairy

  • Troytown Farm Dairy, St Agnes: Milk, yoghurt, butter, clotted cream and ice-cream. Bacon, pork chops, pork sausages. Buy from their Farm Shop, or various outlets across the islands.
    (01720) 422360
  • Scilly Organics, St Martin's: Organic market garden selling varoius fruit and veg. Buy from their stall at Middle Town, at St Martin's stores, or on the menu at various cafes. (01720) 423663 / 07528 136678
  • Tamarisk Farm, St Agnes: Organically-grown vegetables, salads and soft fruits. Buy from their roadside stall near Coastguards, and on the menu at various cafes/restaurants across the islands. (01720) 422363
  • Salakee Duck, St Mary's: new for 2014, free-range duck (whole duck, leg or breast) available direct from the farm or the Farm Deli; also on the menu at the Galley and the Golf Club. (01720) 422391 / 07791809116
  • The Fish Box, St Mary's quay: freshly caught fish and shellfish, along with crab pate, fish pie, fish cakes, thai fish curry and more. Market stall (not every day). (01720) 423473 / 07884 480913
  • Peninnis Farm: pork & lamb, in season, available at the Farm Deli or call Dan on 07900 513832
  • Tresco beef: locally reared grass-fed beef, available to buy at Tresco Store and St Martin's Stores. Also served at The New Inn, Ruin Beach Cafe and Flying Boat Club restaurant.
  • Boro Farm, Tresco: Vegetables, salad crops and soft fruit; available from their roadside stall and on the menu at various Tresco cafes/restaurants.
  • Hillside Farm, Bryher: Vegetables, salad crops, soft fruit, and free range eggs. Available at their roadside stall, and used at Fraggle Rock, & Samson Hill Cottage.
  • Mike and Sue Pender, Bryher: fish, shellfish and vegetables, available at their roadside stall.
  • Scillonian Fayre, St Martin's: Vegetables and salads, sold from their small shop at Middle Town., and at St Martin's Stores. (01720) 422395
  • Ian Mitchell, St Martin's: Locally caught fresh fish, crabs and lobsters, weather and tides permitting. (01720) 423152
  • Parting Carn Farm, St Mary's: huge free range eggs from 'happy chickens', some veg in season. Available from their stall, eggs also at Val's Place, Old Town and The Deli, Hugh Town.
  • Mike Hicks, St Agnes: Eggs and honey (and '28 miles': soaps etc using their own essential oils - not food, but a lovely local product!) (01720) 422139

Local food & drink producers: bread, baked products, drinks & confectionary

  • The Island Bakery, St Martin's: freshly made bread, pasties, pies and cakes (01720) 422111
  • Plowman's Food Company, St Mary's: bread, rolls, baguettes and cakes baked daily (01720) 422626
  • Something Scilly: marmalades, jams and chutneys using home grown or local produce wherever possible, available at various shops on St Mary's. Also at the Local Produce Markets, where pasties made with local beef are also on the stall.
  • Badcock's Pasties: home-made daily, and available to buy from the maker's van at the Atlantic slipway on St Mary's, 9.30am most days (until they have sold out!) Orders by phone. (01720) 423611
  • Aimee's Pizza and Breads, St Mary's: freshly made speciality breads, and homemade pizzas. Available at The Handmade Fudge Shop on the Strand, at the Local Produce Markets, and at some cafes/restaurants. 07772 188852
  • Becky's Scilly Cakes, St Mary's: cupcakes, brownies, fruitcake, celebration cakes & novelty cakes. At the new units at Porthcressa, plus some items available at Plowman's Food Company, St Mary's; celebration cakes by order. (01720) 423422
  • Ales of Scilly, St Mary's: a range of beers, available on draught and in bottles at a variety of outlets across the islands. (01720) 422419
  • St Martin's Vineyard: White, rose and red wine made on the island. (01720) 423418
  • Veronica Farm Fudge, Bryher: delicious fudge in a host of flavours, made on the farm. Buy at their Bryher stall, at Local Produce Markets, online, or at various shops around the islands.
  • The Handmade Fudge Shop, St Mary's: made on the premises in their shop on The Strand, and also available online.
  • Little Island Chocolate Company, St Agnes: handmade organic chocolate incorporating island-grown essential oils. Available at St Agnes stores and other shops around the islands.

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