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Local food & drink on the Isles of Scilly

Where to buy Island produce

In addition to all the roadside stalls and on-site shops described on our main local food page, you can buy some Island produce at the following shops:

  • Plowman's Food Company, St Mary's: bakery & butchers selling some local meat, fish and veg (check the signs, or ask them what's from Scilly), and other meat and fish from Cornwall. Also selling Becky Lock's cakes, and homemade pizza take-away on Saturday nights. (01720) 422626
  • St Agnes Post Office Stores: St Agnes vegetables, soft fruit, and salads; Troytown Farm meat and dairy products, locally caught fish, St Agnes eggs, Ales of Scilly beer, The Little Island Chocolate Company products, Veronica Farm Fudge, '28 miles' handmade soaps and related products. (01720) 423408
  • Bryher Shop: Troytown farm ice-cream and other dairy products, Ales of Scilly beer, The Little Island Chocolate Company products, Veronica Farm Fudge, '28 miles' handmade soaps. (01720) 423601
  • St Martin's Stores: Tresco beef, locally caught fish, St Martin's vegetables, St Mary's eggs, St Martin's vineyard wines, St Agnes chocolate, Bryher fudge. (01720) 422801
  • Tresco Stores: Tresco beef, vegetables, and soft fruit; Troytown Farm ice-cream and other dairy products. (01720) 422806
  • Parting Carn Farm, St Mary's: farm stall selling their own eggs and vegetables, supplemented with veg from Cornwall.
  • The Farm Deli, St Mary's: Peninnis Farm meat and eggs; Salakee Duck; The Little Island Chocolate Company products, Veronica Farm Fudge.
  • The Handmade Fudge Shop, St Mary's: Their own handmade fudge, Aimee's speciality breads and pizza takeaway Weds, Thurs and Friday evenings.

There is also a Local Produce Market which currently takes place in the Methodist Church Hall on St Mary's (and in the Town Hall after June). These take place once or twice each month during the summer (occasionally more often) and on some dates through the winter: look out for posters to confirm dates and times.

On the 15th and 16th September 2014, the third annual 'Tresco and Bryher Food and Drink Festival' will be taking place, including a number of events showcasing the fabulous chefs and small producers on the islands.

Cafe and restaurants specialising in Island produce

Lots of cafes and restaurants sell some Scilly produce, but the ones listed below use island-produce in the majority of their dishes:

  • Adams Fish and Chips, St Martin's: Family-run restaurant and take-away, at Higher Town; bookings preferred. (01720) 423082
  • Little Arthur Cafe/Bistro, St Martin's: Cafe open daily, plus evening Bistro on Mondays and Fridays, using organically grown produce from their own farm. (01720) 422779
  • 'Spirit restaurant' at St Mary's Hall Hotel: serving lunches and evening meals, and Tapas on Friday nights, using as much local produce at possible. They recently won a silver three star award from the Sustainable Restaurant Association.
  • Coastguards Cafe and High Tide Restaurant, St Agnes: Cafe by day, top fish restaurant by night. Both businesses use as much island produce as possible. Coastguards: (01720) 422197 High Tide:(01720) 423869
  • Samson Hill Cottage, Bryher - 'Pizza Takeaway': Handmade pizzas using Bryher vegetables and herbs, Mondays and Fridays only (in summer season), pre-orders only. 07540 521137

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