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A selection of photos from the World Pilot Gig Championships 2013 -
Friday 3rd May

The weekend has well and truly begun, with two fantastic Veterans races. Scilly's own Emma Louise crew were the convincing winners of the Ladies Vets race, with Caradon (in the Amazon) winning a much closer Mens Vets race. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Mens Veterans race - no photo's, I'm afraid (I was just too late by the time the kids were in bed!)

1st place - Amazon, Caradon; 2nd place - Vilt, Flushing & Mylor; 3rd place - Polvarth, Roseland

Ladies Veterans race.

1st place - Emma Louise, St Mary's, Scilly
2nd place - Spy, Newquay
3rd place - Swift, Rock

Sorry these photos aren't that clear - I was using the wrong lens. I'll try to do better tomorrow!
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The blessing and launching of the Zeeheld
(new Dutch gig, built by Peter Martin and Andrew Hicks on St Mary's).


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