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A selection of photos from the World Pilot Gig Championships 2013

Saturday 4th May

The weather didn't look promising this morning - it was pretty fresh out there, with lots of drizzly rain and variable visibility (flights were on hold for a while), but then...we were blessed with a dramatic improvement, just in time for the first race, the Ladies St Agnes to St Mary's. The sun came out and both of the long line-up races looked as spectacular as ever, with over 130 gigs battling it out along the Garrison shore. I didn't do so well on the photos front (it's actually quite hard to look after small kids and take photos at the same time, now there's a surprise!), but there are a few photos below to give a flavour of the day. There are also a couple of albums on our Facebook page of the early finishers in both of the St Agnes races. I wasn't able to watch this afternoon's (heats) races, but I know from the Radio Scilly coverage that there were some exciting contests and impressive performances.

There are some excellent photos of the St Agnes races on the Facebook page, and you can 'listen again' to the Radio Scilly commentary and view lots more photos on the Scilly Today archive.


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