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A selection of photos from the World Pilot Gig Championships 2013

Sunday 5th May

Well, what a fantastic day of gig rowing it's been. I asked in my s(c)illy poem (if you didn't see it on Facebook or twitter, find it here): could Falmouth do the double again? They certainly did, winning 1st place in both the Ladies and the Mens finals. The full results can be seen on Scilly Today (download here), but here's a summary:

Ladies: 1st - Falmouth in Black Rock, 2nd - Mounts Bay in Cormoran, 3rd - Caradon in Amazon
Men: 1st - Falmouth in Black Rock, 2nd - Looe in Talisman, 3rd - Roseland in Polvarth

I managed to take a few more photos today, although they are rather focussed on the ladies races I'm afraid. There are also a few other photos on our Facebook page. Feel free to take copies of any of our photos on these pages or from Facebook; if using them in print or online, a photo credit would be nice. And you can always email us for a larger version of any photo (

Ladies Heats (Nut Rock Race), Sunday morning.


Ladies Finals, Sunday afternoon
See also our Facebook page, the album 'Ladies Finals', which contains a different set of photos to the ones on this page.


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