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The Isles of Scilly is part of the UK, but you will be booking an off-shore holiday and it would be wise to consider taking holiday insurance for such contingencies as delayed departures because of fog or technical difficulties. Delay insurance is available on request from the transport operators. Alternatively, most proprietors can advise you, or you could make arrangements through your own insurance company.

You are also advised to take out cancellation insurance. If for whatever reason , including ill health, you have to cancel a holiday, the proprietor is entitled to claim compensation if the accommodation cannot be relet during the period booked. In cases where claims have been decided by County Courts, serviced accommodation proprietors are normally awarded damages on the basis of two thirds of a booking (the remaining one third being regarded as the value of the food not supplied). In cases of self-catering, the full cost of the accommodation will be claimed. Deposits are non-returnable unless the proprietor's claim is less than the deposit, in which case any balance should be refunded.

You are strongly advised to confine all swimming activities to the beach area. Also swimming over sandbars and off exposed headlands can be dangerous at certain states of the tide. Some such places are Bar Point and Tolls Island on St Marys and the bar between Gugh and St Agnes.

The Isles of  Scilly are renowned for their great variety of seabird species both resident and migratory. Seagulls have natural breeding areas on uninhabited islands and some off islands with more than sufficient natural food available.
Residents and Visitors are requested not to feed the seagulls as this encourages them into the town where they can become both aggressive and a public health problem.

Water is a precious commodity on the islands. There is only a finite amount available with no reserves from other sources. Please help to conserve our water supply

Safety Notice (from the Council of the Isles of Scilly)
The beaches of the Isles of Scilly are beautiful expanses of golden sand with many rocky coves, but they can be tarnished by dangerous containers. Exposed to the open seas of the Atlantic all sorts of containers of unknown origin may be found stranded on the foreshore.
Please - if you find any suspicious item, identify its position and report it immediately.

DO NOT touch or prod it
DO NOT try to sniff the contents
Telephone: 999 ask for the COASTGUARD

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