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Local organisations and publications on the Isles of Scilly

Tourist Information Centre -

The Tourist Information Centre (now operated by the Islands' Partnership) is based in a new building above Porthcressa beach. It can provide all sorts of information an your stay on Scilly. They operate a vacancy service and will advise on vacancies over the telephone or can send the latest printout by return of post. They also have a stock of maps, leaflets & guide books and publish a weekly 'What's On' information sheet.

If you can't find the answer to your query here on ScillyOnLine, we recommend that you contact the Tourist Information Centre instead, on:
(01720) 424031

Council logo

The Council of the Isles of Scilly -

The Council of the Isles of Scilly is a unitary authority with a wide range of responsibilities, including water provision.
Tel: (01720) 424000,

The Five Islands School - FIS school website

FIS logo

In April 2003, the five separate schools on the islands merged to become a single federated school called The Five Islands School. The school incorporates three primary sites (on Tresco, St Martins and St Agnes - Bryher children travel daily to Tresco) and the combined primary/secondary site on St Mary's, which opened in September 2011. Secondary aged off-island children board on a weekly basis on St Marys, at Mundesley Hostel, Church Road.

General Enquiries - (01720) 424850
Finance Office - (01720) 424858
St Agnes Primary Base - (01720) 422314
St Martins Primary Base - (01720) 422802
Tresco and Bryher Primary Base - (01720) 422846
Mundesley Boarding House - (01720) 423277

The Isles of Scilly Police

The islands policing is carried out by a small team of Officers - one Sergeant, two Constables, one Police Community Safety Officer (PCSO) and a Special Constable. The Police Station is situated on Garrison Lane, and is normally open between 9 and 10am. At other times, the Officers on duty are likely to be out and about in the community, but you can contact them by dialling 101 (the police Communications Dept will contact them on their radios). Of course, in an emergency situation you should dial 999.

Office phone number: (01720) 422444

You can see the latest news from the islands police on their Facebook page, or follow Sergeant Colin Taylor on Twitter @ScillySergeant

Radio Scilly -

Radio Scilly logo

Since September 2007, Radio Scilly has been a permanent, full time service to the islands, broadcasting on 107.9FM and around the world online. For more information, to hear podcasts of the latest news from the islands, to sign up for the Scilly Lottery, or to sign up to the Radio Scilly email newsletter, visit their website.

The Isles of Scilly WildlifeTrust -

Wildlife Trust logo

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust is responsible for the management of all the land that is leased to it by the Duchy of Cornwall on the inhabited islands, in addition to all the uninhabited islands, islets and rocks.

For the benefit of the public, its primary commitments are the conservation of the terrestrial and marine wildlife and their habitats, the landscape of the Isles of Scilly, and the archaeological and historical remains on the islands. It is also concerned with the furtherance of public education about the islands and it promotes and co-ordinates research and information and interpretative services.

The Trust currently has seven salaried staff and fifteenTrustees, who are all residents of the Isles. The Trust introduced a membership scheme in 2001 designed to help provide the funding to support the employment of staff and to enable it to carry out its essential conservation work.

For more information about the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, or to become a member, visit the Trust's website or email them.

Tel/fax (01720) 422153

Scilly Now and Then

'Scilly Now and Then' is a locally produced publication, which comes out monthly in the Summer and less frequently during the winter months. The magazine can be found at the Tourist Information Centre (TIC) as well as Town Hall, Library, Museum, and various shops, including those on the Off-islands. The TIC also have some back issues.

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