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Photo gallery - previous 'Pictures of the month'

April 2015 - a flower field on St Mary's
September 2014 - from just beyond Woolpack Point, St Mary's
April 2014 - St Martin's
April 2014 - Narcissi on St Mary's
November 2013 - Sunrise from Porth Hellick down.
July 2013 - View from the Blockhouse, Tresco
July 2013 - View towards Bryher from the Garrison
June 2013 - Sunset over Guthers
May 2013 - Walking from Tresco to Bryher at low tide
May 2013 - Mayday celebrations on St Mary's
May 2013 - An apple tree in blossom, at the Community Orchard on St Mary's
May 2013 - World gig rowing champions, Falmouth Ladies. More photos on our gig champs pages.
April 2013 - Pelistry beach, with Round Island & St Martin's in the distance
April 2013 - The Harbour, St Mary's
April 2013 - Peninnis lighthouse, St Mary's

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