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A tour of St Mary's, in pictures. 30th April 2013

Old Town beach and church
St Agnes from Peninnis
Peninnis Lighthouse
Above the Garrison arch
Porthcressa from the Garrison
Woolpack Battery, the Garrison
Conservation grazing
From Porthmellon beach
Echiums, above Shark's Pit
The view towards Samson
Cherry tree at Carreg Dhu
Bluebells at Carreg Dhu
Taylor's island
St Mary's harbour
The view to Samson & Bryher
Bryher and Tresco
Bants Carn burial chamber
Round Island lighthouse
The view to St Martin's
Pine trees below Trenoweth
Apple tree at Trenoweth
Perfect, fine sand at Pelistry
Cows at Mount Todden
Arum lilies near Deep Point

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