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Trail running on Tresco

We had a fabulous run around the north end of Tresco today. If you are even a little bit interested in running, I would encourage you to pack your trainers for your trip to Scilly - there are so many paths and trails to choose from, many of them with spectacular views like these. Pick your route and distance to suit your ability and your mood. This run can't have been much more than a couple of miles (but quite rough and stony underfoot in places: runners please beware), which was plenty in the heat of the sun. I cooled down with a lovely, refreshing swim in New Grimsby harbour...followed by an ice-cream from the New Inn.

Of course, if running is not your thing, this route (past Cromwell's castle and Piper's Hole cave) also makes a lovely stroll - why don't you take a picnic and make a day of it?


Watch a gig race
OK, this is a shameless piece of self-promotion, but for a bit of evening fun on your holiday, why don't you hop on a boat and go out to watch a gig race? The men race on Friday nights, and the women on a Wednesday, and boats depart from St Mary's quay around 7.45pm, depending on what race is taking place (check the boards for details; most off-island boat companies also offer gig-racing trips).

You can see the finish of many races from the quay, but it's much more fun to be on board a tripper boat and to cheer for your favourite crew as they battle it out down the mile or so of the race. As you might expect, it gets pretty competitive out on the water, and every rower will be giving their all - not just those who come across the line in first place.


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