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Saturday 27th April - Dibble and Grub, Porthcressa, St Mary's


Dibble and Grub has long been a favourite of ours, a bright and friendly place where you are guaranteed a tasty meal cooked up by owner & chef Button Reseigh.

They have a particularly varied brunch menu, served until noon, but we were choosing from their lunchtime selection, which includes sandwiches and paninis, gourmet burgers, mediterranean-inspired meals and salads, and a really wide range of tapas dishes. My favourite option is probably to order a tapas selection, maybe a 'sharing platter' too, along with a plate of their trademark potato wedges (with chilli relish) - and take my time to savour it all, along with a nice bottle of wine, in the company of a few friends. I must find a reason to do that again soon.

But today we were eating with the kids, so the emphasis was a little more on speed and sustenance. And, as ever, the Dibble team was more than able to deliver: chunky ham sandwiches for the kids, a tasty mackerel burger for me, and lamb souvlaki for my other half (a generous pitta filled with lamb kebab, salad, and a minty yoghurt dressing). Oh, and some wedges to share, of course! I have to admit to a bit of food envy on this occassion - the mackerel was great (and it's nice to support the local fishermen, too), but there's something about that lamb dish, the explosion of flavours in every mouthful is really superb. Luckily for me, he was willing to give me a taster or two.

That was it for us on this occassion, but if you are on holiday, you'll want to stay a while - perhaps enjoy a beer in the sun at the tables outside (while admiring the view towards St Agnes), or try my favourite: a Vietnamese Iced Coffee, which is a bit like coffee and dessert all rolled into one.

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