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Wednesday 24th July 2013- walk from Tresco to Bryher

On a Spring low tide, it's possible to walk from Tresco to Bryher, across the channel - without even getting your feet wet, if you choose your time and route carefully. It's a firm favourite with our family, because it's an opportunity to paddle in the shallows and explore for wildlife that you don't see so readily at other times. These photos are from the last time we did this walk in May, but the tides are also suitable today and tomorrow (low in the middle of the day) if you fancy giving it a try.

On this occassion, we saw several bright orange 7-armed starfish, along with plenty of anemones, shrimp, crabs of all sizes, flat fish, and even a small bobtail squid which changed colour in our hands (this one we couldn't identify, but visiting experts from the Natural History Museum could).

If you'd like to do this walk at another time but are unsure whether or not it's Spring Tides, either look on the Harbourmaster's board on the quay, ask a boatman, or follow the Harbourmaster on twitter (@StMarysHbr). If you are using the Boatman's Association for transport, don't forget to tell them that you will need picking up from Bryher rather than Tresco (or vice versa) - your tickets will still be valid, but it helps them to know their numbers.


Thurs 18th April 2013 - The Northern/Eastern coast of St Mary's

Views from the bottom of McFarland's Down, round to Innisidgen

It's really lovely weather on Scilly today - glorious sunshine, but with a proper fresh Easterly wind. Quite typical weather for the World Pilot Gig Championships, which will be taking place here in a couple of weeks. But I digress...

It was also perfect weather for a quick jaunt around the leeward side of St Mary's. I started out at McFarland's Down (the community bus will drop you at the top of this track), to be greeted by these stunning views towards Tresco and St Martin's. I didn't drop right down to the beach this time, but took a higher track through the trees, bringing me out at Innisidgin burial chamber. Most of the daffodils at this spot are past their best now, but keep your eyes peeled for violets and lesser celandine, which are just coming into bloom.

Looking towards Pelistry beach and Tolls island.

The next stretch of coastline brings you to secluded Watermill Bay, and shortly after, the gorgeous fine sand of Pelistry beach. It was sheltered enough today to do a spot of sunbathing here, and yet, there was hardly a soul to be seen.

Beyond Pelistry, I again took the higher track, stopping to appreciate this view back towards the beach and Tolls island, from the battery at Mount Todden. When I reached Deep Point, I headed straight up towards another burial chamber (my route today would be perfect for archaeology enthusiasts) before dropping down past the "loaded camel" rocks, into Porth Hellick.

If you'd like views like this practically on your doorstep, Mount Todden cottage (in a quiet location, on a small mixed farm) has some vacancies for 2013.

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