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Thurs 11th April 2013 - Veronica Farm Fudge.


I bought some bags of Veronica Farm Fudge at the local produce market on St Mary's last week. I discovered this little gem way back when it was made by a local youngster, and only (I think) sold on a stall outside their family farm. Every single trip to Bryher saw me heading for the stall to buy a bag. I forced myself to curb the habit a little once it became more widely available, but I'd still wholeheartedly recommend it if you are looking for a sweet treat, or a lovely gift to take home.

On this ocassion, we tried their maple syrup and pecan flavour, along with a special Chocolate easter-egg batch. Both were delicious, but I still think their original vanilla flavour is hard to beat. I laughed out loud when I read on their website that 'our fudge safely lasts for three months from production'. Not in our house, it doesn't. One bag was devoured in precisely two and a half minutes!

You can buy Veronica Farm Fudge at various shops around the islands, and the vanilla flavour is also available to buy online Veronica Farm Fudge


Weds 30th May 2012 - Island-grown strawberries

We had the first of our home-grown strawberries at the weekend, and I have to say they were deliciously sweet and juicy. Ours aren't for sale, but there are island-grown strawberries available on most of the off-islands - try Tamarisk farm on St Agnes (they have a stall oposite Downs Cottage guest house, or ask if they have them on the menu at Coastguards Cafe or the Turk's Head pub), Hillside Farm on Bryher (stall along the road from the new Community Centre), or Scilly Organics on St Martin's (stall at Middle Town). These are all excellent suppliers of locally-grown fruit and veg, so take enough cash with you to snap up some of their other locally-grown, seasonal offerings at the same time. Happy eating!
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