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Monday 6th August - Tristan's treehouse, Tresco.

After 20 years living on Scilly, it's not often that I come across somewhere I haven't been to before. So I have to admit I was surprised when a friend suggested that we met up 'at the treehouse on Tresco' - what treehouse?

This little gem is to be found just along from the monument to Augustus Smith, above Appletree Bay (take the inland path that runs North from the monument).

It's a little house on stilts, with a selection of ladders and rope swings to keep energetic kids of all ages occupied. Our party of eleven two- to eight-year-olds had a riot, with just a small amount of adult intervention required to ensure nobody got hurt (the drops are quite high for the littlest ones). In truth, the tyre rope swing was quite popular amongst the adults as well!

Thank you, Tristan (a son of the Dorrien-Smith family) for this excellent addition to the island.


Fri 8th June - Families beware at Tolman Cafe, Old Town, St Mary's.
My general intention is to focus on what's good on the islands, rather than what is not. But we were sufficiently disappointed at Tolman Cafe today to include this piece of advice for SOL readers: avoid the children's menu here. We ordered scampi and chips for £4.50, and were surprised to discover that we were served just 4 (small) pieces of scampi, and less than 10 chips - and not a vegetable in sight (this last fact applies to the adult meals as well, such as the otherwise delicious meat pie). It was barely enough to feed my average 5 year old, so nowhere near enough for even a slightly older child (the menu states 'for children up to the age of 12'). A bowl of cheesy chips was also rather stingy, and was described by one of our party as 'a ramekin, not a bowl'! (for £3.50). Families would be well advised to try elsewhere on St Mary's. For example, a comparable children's meal at Spero's, Porthmellon (fish gougons), is twice the size, includes beans or salad, and a glass of squash. Full Spero's review coming soon.

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