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St Mary's Riding Centre Ltd

Meet the team at St Mary's Riding Centre

Ernie   Babe   Bella  
Ernie, Welsh Mountain Section A, 1999, 11hh Dappled-grey Gelding.   Babe, Dartmoor 2004 12.2hh Dappled Grey Mare.   Bella, Dartmoor, 1999, 12.2hh Bay Mare.   Polo, Bodmin Hill Pony, 2009, 13.3hh Blue and White Gelding
Brambles   Peanuts   Dartagnan    
Brambles, Welsh X, 1996, 14hh Bay Mare.   Peanuts, Welsh X, 1995, 14.1hh Bay Mare.   Dartagnon, Merens (Pyrenees), 1993, 14.2hh Black Gelding.    
Tor   Ben   Charlie   Max
Tor, Welsh Mountain Section D, 1997, 14.3hh Liver Chestnut Mare.   Ben, Traditional Gypsy Cob, 1989, 15hh Bay Gelding.   Charlie, Welsh X Thoroughbred, 1995, 15.1hh Dark Bay Mare.   Max, Welsh X Thoroughbred, 1996, 15.1hh Chestnut Gelding.
Kieron   Minnie   Grace    
Kieron, Irish Cob X Shire, 1998, 16.1hh Dark Bay Gelding.   Minnie, Shire, 2013, 17hh Brown Filly   Grace, Shire, 2010, 17hh Black Filly.    
Magnus   Jules   Patrick   Rocky
Magnus, Shire, 2015, 17hh Brown Gedling.   Jules, Shire, 2007, 17.2hh Bay Mare.   Patrick, Shire X Warmblood, 2004, 17.2hh Piebald Gedling.   Rocky, Shire, 2005, 17.3hh Black Gedling.
Jasper (chief mouser).            

Old retired friends, not forgotten:

Merlin   Tinkerbell   Pride   Rosie   Jack
Merlin   Tinkerbell   Pride   Rosie   Jack
Cally   Bubbles   Dan   Molly   Samson
Cally   Bubbles   Dan   Molly   Samson
Tia   Pendragon   Marmite       Mimine
Tia   Pendragon   Marmite       Mimine

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