Issue 118


We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it 

George Bernard Shaw

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The Retirement of a Friend 

During 1984 a gentleman called at the works of A. H. Read & Son and asked if we had considered producing a newspaper or magazine, from that simple enquiry, Scilly up to Date was born (May 1985). Now, after over 13 years as the volunteer editor, that gentleman and friend, Gunnar Schweer has decided to hang up his journalistic hat.

Over the intervening years he has brought a wide variety of editorials to our readers, some simply addressing local issues, but more often causing us to look at both national and international issues. It is my fervent wish that from time to time we will be treated to more of his particular style of journalism. It has been said that his style is an anti-establishment one, I would rather say that we are fortunate that there are still those who are prepared to express concern about world wide environmental issues and the Gunnar is such a person, and I count it a privilege and a pleasure to have met and worked with him.

Gunnar, born in Hamburg in 1921, started his journalistic art within the confines of a P.O.W. camp in Leicestershire, during 1943, where he later became editor of "Der neue Weg", the Camp News Paper. He remained in the Midlands until his repatriation in 1947. 

On his return to Post War Germany, he sought a position as a journalist and found employment as a reporter with "Norddeutsches Echo", a daily newspaper in Kiel. He continued to pursue his professional career in journalism and in 1950 became Editor in Chief of an illustrated monthly magazine "GF" in Hamburg, from 1957 – 1981 he was Editor in Chief of 6 monthly and 2 weekly publications.

Gunnar and his wife Usch first visited Scilly in 1968, and in 1978 purchased a property on St. Mary’s. Since moving to their bungalow at McFarlands Down as permanent residents in 1983, they have played an active part in community life, showing a great interest in the excellent local museum and a variety of other activities.


The Last of the Manned Lighthouses

The relieving of Bishop Rock Lighthouse keepers is no more than a distant memory, and now, with the automation of the North Foreland Lighthouse, the chapter, in the annals of maritime history, on manned lighthouses has been closed. 

North Foreland near Margate, Kent was the last manned lighthouse in the U.K to be automated and the keepers were made redundant during November. No longer will there be a pair of eyes behind that light piercing the night, warning sailors that danger is nigh. The title of Lighthouse Keeper now becomes a job description of the past.


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