Faces from a Family Album

These photographs are some of the many taken during the 1920s and early 1930s by Phyllis Woodcock (d.1996). She was born, and lived, at the house next to what is now the Godolphin Hotel, which was built in her parent’s garden. After George Woodcock’s death in 1929 she and her mother, Flora, lived at Tean in Hugh Street. Phyllis worked at the Post Office until her marriage in 1935, when she moved to Penzance, followed by her mother. Peter had joined the Merchant Navy and survived being bombed out of an oil tanker during the war (d.1993).
Family Pictures
Family Pictures
Family Pictures
Family Pictures
Our mother’s love of, and interest in, the islands has passed to her family, who hope that they might learn a little more though this magazine, while interesting some of its readers.

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