Update on Grants 

Update on the Maintenance Grant for Students Attending Further Education Council Colleges on the Mainland

The Further Education Funding Councilís (F.E.F.C.), present contribution of £2,200 per year towards the maintenance of Isles of Scilly students attending F.E.F.C colleges has been challenged by the Council of the Isles of Scilly and some parents.

The amount of £2,200 was paid by the Council of the Isles of Scilly as an emergency interim amount until the Department for Education and Employment made a ruling on the matter of funding. In May í97 the Department for Education and Employment stated that the F.E.F.C were responsible for the funding of maintenance.

A meeting in November attended by Andrew George M.P., Mr Hygate, Mr Clifton, Mr Daly and myself with Education Minister, George Mudie M.P. at the Dept. for Education and Employment had a sympathetic hearing, and was followed on December 2nd by a meeting with Professor Melville of the F.E.F.C. During this meeting we were able to clarify with the F.E.F.C our concerns about the possible consequences for the students and their parents if their funding remained inadequate.

The F.E.F.C have now agreed to reconsider the amount they contribute towards maintenance, based on the evidence of the present cost and needs of boarding or lodging our children on the mainland. Mr. Daly requested that we were informed of a figure as soon as possible.

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