Damned if they did and damned if they didn't

The news is full of the plight of the refugees from Kosovo, words such as ethnic cleansing and genocide have become common place. Our TV screens are filled with pictures of desperate people, fleeing, so we are told, from Serbian Forces. Individuals tell of their own experiences, a little boy Ė of seeing his parents shot, parents Ė of having teenage daughters taken and driven away into the hills, we hear of rape and other atrocities.

Manís inhumanity to man never ceases, we frequently hear members of the human race described as animals, this is however an insult to the animal world, for it is seldom that an animal kills unless hungry or defending itself and its family. Mankind however does not live by these rules and will resort to a multiplicity of indescribable ways to inflict grief upon its own kind.

During World War II thousands of Jews were persecuted, many of whom were exterminated like rats in a cage, and yet many refused to believe such a thing could be happening. In other cases of ethnic cleansing and genocide the accusation has been that the nations of the world have done little to stop it.

In the case of the reported persecution in Kosovo, members of NATO are in a no win situation, they have taken action against Serbian Forces and are being condemned by some and yet there can be little doubt that if they had not taken action NATO would have been condemned for its lack of action. Damned if they did and damned if they didnít.

Hind sight is something that helps no one, as every situation has its own peculiar complications, action can only be taken, in any situation, as seems right at the time. There is seldom if ever an ideal course of action under such complicated circumstances.

We are told little about the activities of the K.L.A, however no matter what actions an organisation such as this is responsible for, it does not justify the ethnic cleansing of a whole section of society by Government or other forces.

In an ideal world every individual would have an equal chance and be treated in a proper manner, unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world and there will always be those who must rely on others for their protection and support.

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