St.Mary's Theatre Club

Production of "Georgee Porgee Fights Back"

Another year, another pantomime, another roaring success! This new pantomime with all the traditional type of fun, was written and produced by the talented Margaret Perkovic, and performed in the Town Hall on 24th, 29th, 30th and 31st January to highly appreciative audiences, who joined in to such an extent at times that people outside the hall must have wondered what was happening! Betty Silvester once again gave magnificent support as Musical Director, whilst Stage Manager, Peter Conisbee and his assistants did a marvellous job. Lesley Thomas took on Choreography and Costumes, both of which were highly successful, and the intricate Make-Up undertaken by Sarah Conisbee and her assistants greatly added to the wonderful Oriental atmosphere created by excellent sets, sound effects, properties and lighting.

The talented and enthusiastic cast kept the audience entertained throughout and it is difficult to single out any particular stars, as everyone did so well. Newcomer Richard Vaughan played Georgee with great sympathy, with Tony Dingley as his wonderfully eccentric and exuberant mother Dame Nellee. Jane Pender was excellent as Sallee, trying to help Georgee when he is accused of stealing the pantomime money, whilst at the same time working for the ovebearing Uncle Wu, played to perfection by Brian Thomas. Steve Harvey was brilliant as the evil and scheming Vizier, whilst Julian Ould and Richard Farr were hilarious as the entertaining couple Chop Suey and Chow Mein, who progress from cooks to executioners to laundrymen and back again, with a brief appearance in Toy Town as highly sophisticated Flowerpot Men. The kindly but sad Emperor Lo Kee, whose daughter was stolen from him when she was just a child, was played by Jim Johnson, with Lesley Thomas as his devious sister Empress Hi Kee, whose passion for the Vizier was just one of the high points of the story. Christian May was excellent as Wang Lui, the Empressís spoilt son. The last minute illness of one of the cast threw Deanne Holmes into the part of the Genie and she gave such a fantastic performance that one wonders why she has remained in the chorus until now. Jacky Upson, has returned to the Islands, stepped competently into the part vacated by Deanne, as one of the colourful and ebullient villagers. Harriet Nicholass-McKee and Clare Symons were lovely as two little Jackdaws who appeared at intervals throughout the show, as did the three elegant Stewards, Jean Johnson, Helen Guymer and Mim Bowman. Special praise must go to the novel Dolls and Soldiers of Toy Town, headed by Meegan Baker as Chief Doll, and to the enchanting Guardians of the Truth Crystal under their leader Sarah Taylor together with the fearsome dragon and entertaining ghost who protect them. The dragon was made by Carn Gwaval School and the Truth Crystal by Oriel Hicks. In true pantomime style, the Truth Crystal eventually unmasks the villains and reunites the Emperor with his long lost daughter Sallee. 

Thanks also to everyone else who helped to put on this enjoyable show, to Ian and Rose Tabraham for Publicity and House Management, to Brenda Barson as prompt and also to Eleanor Wallace for patiently typing the script. Most of all, our grateful thanks to Maggie Perkovic for all her hard work as both author and producer. Judges from the Calor Village Pantomime Competition came to see the show and we look forward to their announcement of awards in due course.

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