Tresco Abbey Gardens

Visitors coming to the gardens will notice how tidy the paths are, even the Aloe Walk has been resurfaced and one can walk up it without breaking a leg. Many of the borders have been mulched and should benefit from it. Recently, the entire staff went to gardens in Italy for a week on a working holiday. They brought a few plants back which are new to the gardens and we look forward to seeing them flower. I would like to thank the three Irish gardeners who spent a few weeks with us, they were a great help and said they had enjoyed working here, they were quite knowledgeable.

Quite a few plants are in flower now, the recent spell of fine weather has helped. To mention a few, the Sophora’s on Lighthouse Walk are a lovely show, on Top Terrace the Ericas are flowering well and we have many new ones. Many Proteas are also in full flower, they seem to last a long time. The Pebble Garden has been planted with scented Pelargoniums. In the next month or so the garden will be a blaze of colour so I will tell you the plants to look out for.

P.S. I forgot to mention the new area recently planted up by the Puyas, mostly of Aloes and succulents.

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