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On Wednesday 19th May 1999, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, visited the Isles of Scilly. During the morning of his brief stay Prince Charles officially opened the new Health Centre on St.Mary's, presented a Millennium Yew (see above) to Julian Ould, Chaplain of the Isles of Scilly and visited the recently converted former Wesleyan Chapel. The afternoon was reserved for Duchy Tenants with a District Lunch at Juliet's Garden, St.Mary's and a District Tea at Bryher Community Centre. 

After a conducted tour of the new Health Centre during which he met Trustees, Doctors and Staff, Benefactors, Fund raisers and others who had assisted with the project, His Royal Highness, the Duke of Cornwall unveiled a plaque and declared the Health Centre to be officially open. Prince Charles has taken a keen interest in the project from its inception, and was closely involved with Barrie Briscoe's design for the site. This is a modern low energy building constructed using a highly insulated timber frame system supplied by Thermotech of St. Austell, Cornwall.

The heating and cooling to the underfloor system is provided by a closed loop vertical ground source heat pump. This has been developed in the United Kingdom by the Falmouth company GeoScience Ltd. and is claimed to be highly energy efficient with low maintenance. You will not however be aware of it as there is no visual impact and it operates silently. An additional benefit is that it will reduce the emission of carbon dioxide by at least 40% compared to a conventional system. The installation is believed to be the first in a U.K institutional building. The Earth Energy system is based on four 70 metre bore holes drilled within the grounds.

The 400 square metre building is held by a charitable trust and will enable the Island's doctors Mark Drake and Toby Dalton, together with their staff to provide primary health care in the Islands into the new millennium.

Leaving the Health Centre Prince Charles greeted members of the public before making his way by car to the Church Hall where he presented a Millennium Yew to Rev. Julian Ould, the Chaplain to the Isles of Scilly. The Yews for the Millennium project has been created by the Conservation Foundation by propagting from ancient trees which were alive here in Britain before the brith of Christ. Each tree will provide a link with 2000 years of history and could well be growing in 2000 years time. So far over 7000 parishes have registered for the opportunity to plant these unique trees.

Having made a purchase at the Church Coffee Morning, Prince Charles moved on to the recently opened Tourist Information Centre and Library, now housed in the former Wesleyan Chapel, where he unveiled a plaque and signed the visitors book. During the morning Prince Charles also stopped to speak to children from St.Mary's Play Group.


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