Over Sixty Gigs in Championships

The Tenth World Pilot Gig Championships surpassed all those before it with over sixty gigs taking part, a spectacle which is impossible to describe.

The Menís Final saw Caradon in the Mary Newman storm home to victory for the 5th time closely followed by Scilly in the newly launched Tregarthenís.

The Ladiesí Final was truly an international affair with the Dutch taking line honours in the Neptunas with Falmouth runners up in the Idas.

We can not overlook the remarkable partially sighted crew from the Cornwall Blind Association, who, for their determination alone deserved a gold medal.

This year saw the launch of two new gigs, Tregarthenís and Taran. The Tregarthenís was built by Curraghs and presented to the Islands by Tregarthenís Hotel to mark the hotelís 150th anniversary. The Taran was built for Mounts Bay by Peter Martin (Scilly) and realised a creditable 9th place.


The weekend finished with a race for gigs under sail. This was encouraged by a new trophy to commemorate The Pilotsí Widows and Orphans Fund. There were only three gigs taking part with the Royal taking the honours. We look forward to more in the future.


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