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Easter week saw a sudden increase in the number of visitors coming into the Museum. Many of these were regulars who visit year after year. After a couple of days the word was put about that the Museum was different this year. We hope that we manage to put something different on display every year and this year we think that we have plenty to shout about. First of all there is the brilliant and spectacular display of patchwork and quilting in the basement floor; this includes a display of the work being done by ladies of the Lyonnesse Quilters’ Guild every Wednesday afternoon from 2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Secondly, we have re-arranged the shipwreck and lifeboat corner and thirdly, we have two recent purchases on display; these are Lady Sophia Tower’s water-colours of the islands and one of the signal cannons from the wreck of the Schiller in 1875.

Finally, a word or two about the pot or urn, found as a result of a cliff-fall at Porthcressa, by Mrs Mary Ratcliffe in March. The pot, which was standing upright, was excavated by Miss Sarnia Butcher and taken to the Museum. The pot is similar to those found at Knackboy Carn, St. Martin’s in the 1950s. This would suggest that it is Middle or Late Bronze Age, say 1200 – 1400 B.C. The top of the pot was filled with dark ram and black soil, but the bottom contains a compact grey material, which looked like cremation ash. 

The pot appeared to be whole, but had hairline fractures, which ensured that as it dried, it broke into several pieces. It is now in a humidity and temperature controlled museum store and will remain there until it can be taken to the mainland for assessment, scientific analysis of the contents and surrounding materials, and finally conservation. It is hoped that the owners, the Duchy of Cornwall, will allow it to be returned to the Museum.

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