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Our volunteers on the Museum Desk always do their best to answer any query put to them about artefacts on display in the Museum. The Museum also has two display cases which enable visitors and locals to identify objects they find on the beaches or in their gardens. Indeed a survey of children’s interests shows that the "Flotsam and Jetsam" case is top of their list. Besides stones, small pottery dolls, sea mice, and assorted bird bones, this case includes nests of the ten – spined sticklebacks and of the Scilly shrew, carefully placed inside discarded soft drink cans. The Pottery case has examples dating from pre-historic to the present and includes imported pottery such as the fourteenth century pilgrim’s horn, Devon slipware, pieces of Rhineland pottery and an assorted collection of clay pipes.

However, like so many museums, we can only display a fraction of our collection and this applies especially to our books and archives. On average we receive about two requests a week for help in checking Parish Registers and Family Trees. In addition we receive approximately twenty requests a year for help with other serious research. Much of this ends up in books, frequently novels or in academic theses. One wonders sometimes, which is the stronger, the desire for research or a chance to escape to the islands for a week or two.

1998 saw research into the following topics: the history of the rabbit population of the islands; the distribution of wind-borne seeds on the islands; the folk lore of the Atlantic seals; the uniforms worn by soldiers of the Garrison; the Royal Navy air base on Tresco; Scilly in the Second World War; the Pilot cutters of Scilly; Sir Richard Grenville and the Civil War; the early Coptic monks, A.D.325; and Atlantis, the definitive story, although I suspect that this will finish up entitled "The Search for Atlantis."

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