How to Contact the Police

How to Contact The Police and the Meaning of the Graded Response Policy

At the police liaison meeting recently held in the Town Hall on St. Mary’s, concern was expressed regarding telephone contact with local police officers. It is hoped that this will help clarify the current systems in force.

For all serious matters involving risk to life, crimes in progress or matters requiring urgent Police attendance, calls should be made to 999. These calls are currently answered at Camborne Control room but on 3rd of October all the functions of this control room will transfer to Plymouth.

These calls are answered within 10 seconds and if graded as requiring IMMEDIATE response, an officer will be contacted within 5 minutes to attend.

The next grading is PROMPT and we would endeavour to get an officer to you within 45 minutes. An example of an incident getting this grading would be an accident where there are no injuries or a shoplifter who is completely passive and not likely to cause any trouble.

For matters of a ROUTINE nature the telephone number 0990 700 400 should be used. This number should be used to report all non urgent matters e.g. thefts, old damage, etc. A computer log will be created and transferred to St. Mary’s Police Station for the attention of the next officer on duty.

All matters requiring officers to be called out from home requires authority of the control room supervisor and a computer log. For this reason persons should always use the published telephone number of 0990 700 400 to request the attendance of a police officer and especially outside of duty hours. If an officer is contacted direct, he will still need to contact the control room and create a log before attending, hence it is quicker to ring this number in the first place.

The telephone number for St. Mary’s Police Station should only be used for non urgent messages or matters that don’t require Police attendance within a period of approximately 24 hours. St. Mary’s is fairly unique in having a published telephone number for the Police Station.

Both the officers at St. Mary’s are contactable by the control room 24 hours a day via pagers and mobile phone which is why they can be dispatched following 999 calls or calls on the 0990 700 400 telephone number.
I hope this helps to clarify any queries you may have had regarding this issue.

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