Tresco Abbey Gardens

The gardens are looking very colourful at present and well looked after. Many visitors have told me they have enjoyed their visit very much. We have a very rare plant in flower for the first time outside in England. Mike Nelhams bought it from the R.H.S. for £20 eighteen years ago and told David Hopkins to find a sunny, well drained place for it to be planted. He selected a place on the agave bank, close to the atom bomb by the summer house. It comes from "Poor Knight Island," New Zealand, and called Xeronema Callistemon. The flowers are red Ė donít miss it.

In early May many visitors were puzzled by a notice to the vegetable garden, which read "No Entry, Bees are Thronging". They asked me the reason for this and I replied, "I suppose they are getting ready for the Floral Dance". I would like to mention, the reason the Shell Hut is taking so long to finish is because Lucy Dorrien Smith finds it very difficult to get on with the job due to visitors asking questions, so she decided to put a barrier across the paths so she could finish the job. I know the visitors find it very interesting.

To get back to plants, the Top Terrace, with the Proteas and Ericas, which have been in flower for weeks, also Father Neptune with the many Cistus and Lampranthus are very colourful. Almost all plants are labelled, so I will not bother you with all the Latin names. I would like to mention the new Mediterranean Garden and those of you who visit the garden each year, will know its only two years ago since it was planted up, its hard to believe its filled out so soon. On a sunny day, looking from the Long Walk, with the Cupressus Macrocapa tree in the background makes a lovely picture.

I am very pleased to see the Metrosideros trees are going to flower well this year. The Rata will be in flower in June, thatís Robusta, look out for the one next to the "Betrothal Stone". I remember this when it was a seedling in the top of a granite rock which is now split in two. The Metrosideros Tomentosa with the aerial roots, flowers in July. They are recovering after the frost we had a few years ago. Also the Doryanthus are flowering well, you will see one close to the Abbey with three spikes and its red. Hope you enjoy your visit.

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