Consideration, Respect & Tolerance

Whenever one picks up a newspaper, watches T.V. or listens to the radio, the existence of intolerance and the lack of consideration for others is all too obvious. This takes many forms and extends to all sections of society, be it international, national or local communities.

Governments that persecute sections of their community because of a difference of religion or ethnic origin, show a complete lack of consideration and respect for others.

Large companies have exploited and are still exploiting the natural resources of third world nations, relying on the desperation of these governments for foreign investment. In many cases this influx of money has done little or nothing to help the ordinary people, all to often these unfortunates are reduced to scrabbling amongst the rubbish discarded by their fellow countrymen.

Then there are minorities and individuals who are incapable of reasoned debate or respecting democratic decisions, resorting to violence and destruction in attempt to force their will on the majority, an example of this can be seen in the plight of the people of East Timor.

Finally there is the vandal who is prepared to desecrate property or violate the countryside and it’s wildlife.

Surely there is more purpose to be found in life than to visit destruction upon the innocent, where is the Consideration, Respect and Tolerance – a proportion of the world’s population have these qualities and use them, why can’t the rest?

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