A Doctors Herbal

A Doctors Herbal

The fifteen most common reasons why people visit the doctors are:
1. Cough
2. Post Operative Visit
3. Throat Symptoms
4. Earache or Ear Infection
5. Back Pain
6. Fever
7. Stomach Cramps
8. Visual Problems
9. Cold Symptoms
10. Skin Rash
11. Headache
12. Knee Problems
13. Blood Pressure
14. Depression
15. Chest Pain

Clearly some of these problems need investigation. However, in a series of two articles we shall look at some natural products you could have at home to help battle these problems, that send adults to the doctor most often.

St. John's Wort Image

St. John’s Wort

As a mood enhancer, St. John’s Wort has been so effective that its approval for the treatment for depression, anxiety and nervousness is growing and indeed it is number one anti depressant prescribed by German Physicians.

Like other anti depressants, it is thought to affect central neorotransmission chemistry.

Only buy those products that are standardised for hypericin and follow dosage directions carefully. Watch out for increased sensitivity to sunlight especially if you have fair skin (and use sunscreen).


Mediterranean cultures have for centuries been touting the ancient plant chamomile as a cure for stomach cramps. Drink chamomile tea regularly for therapeutic effect.


Healers as illustrious as Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder knew of the cough – quelling talents of liquorice. Now available in liquorice lozenges or sweets. Make sure they do contain real liquorice as many are flavoured with absinthe or oil of anise. Excessive liquorice consumption can cause salt and water retention.


It can’t stop a headache already in progress but feverfew, a daisy-like cousin of the aster, may help reduce the number and severity of headache attacks, especially migraine. Feverfew contains parthenolide an ingredient that is thought to stop serotonin flooding into the brain forcing blood vessels wide open and giving headache. Feverfew also contains tanetin which may act to reduce inflammation. Feverfew only works if you take is regularly and in recommended doses.

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