Isles of Scilly - Radio Station

Isles of Scilly to get their own Radio Station

The Isles of Scilly are to get their own radio station during October. Radio Scilly will be on air on FM 24 hours a day between the 1st of and the 17th of the month. The station will be broadcasting from temporary studios at the Star Castle Hotel, high above Hugh Town. The service will be aimed at both islanders and tourists and organiser Paul Chapple said we wanted local people, from all the islands to participate. We have already found a number of talented people who will be presenting shows or features on Radio Scilly. We want to find More! It doesn’t matter if you have never been on the radio before as we will help with all the technical side. We want to give airtime to local clubs, societies, voluntary groups and any islander who has something interesting to say.

Radio Scilly will be funded solely by commercial airtime sales. Paul said it is quite expensive running a project like this and we won’t get any money from the licence fee, but we promise our programmes will be just as professional as the BBC. We’ll also be offering Scilly businesses the opportunity to promote themselves to islanders and visitors using local radio.

If you would like to contact Radio Scilly call Paul on 0802 729604 or write to him at 6 Caledonia Close, Chaddlewood, Plympton PL7 2UT.

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