Tresco Abbey Gardens

Visitors coming to the gardens in June and July have much admired the Metrosideros trees which have been a wonderful display this year. The one with the aerial roots M. excelsa has flowered the best since it was damaged by the severe frost a few years ago. We had to remove about 20ft from the top of it. The tree was planted in 1851. The M. robusta, or Northern ‘rata’ by the Old Abbey was a lovely show.

The Rocheas on Mexico and Top Terrace have been outstanding. The Proteas seem to go on for ever on Top Terrace, but the one to look out for later in the year is The King Protea, Cynaroides. I have counted 14 buds on one plant. The new Mediterranean garden has been a blaze of colour for weeks and to think its only been planted up for 2 years. On their return from Italy the gardeners brought back a lot of Salvia plants back and they were planted at the bottom of the Pebble Garden, some of them are not named. The Watsonias are flowering well and the view from the lower fish pond with the Lavanda in the foreground makes a lovely photo. I think most of you will agree the garden looks well cared for and it is a credit to the staff. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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