St. Martin's Vineyard

A vineyard, destined to be the most southerly and the most westerly in the British Isles, is in the process of being established on St. Martin’s. The first vines were planted in the spring of 1996 with additional acreage being added annually. There is now a total of 3 acres in a sheltered south facing site previously dedicated to flower growing. It is hoped that a small quantity of wine will be produced this autumn from the first planted vines. Ready to celebrate the millennium!

Val Thomas, a native of St Martin’s, and her husband Graham currently live in Plymouth where they both teach. They hope to retire to the Scillies as the vineyard becomes a commercial proposition.

They opened their gates this summer to welcome their first visitors. Tours of the vineyard were available each morning from 10.30 commencing on the day after the eclipse – 12th August to 25th August inclusive.

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