A Quick Response  - The Arrivals of June 1940

There was almost an immediate reaction to our report in SUTD No.106 on Jean Normand, the Frenchman, who with seven copains escaped in 1940 from the small Breton fishing-port Kerity, near Quimper, to St. Mary's - and who asked whether we had any pictures of their arrival.  Frank Gibson remembered that a photograph of the men had been taken - and soon found the print in his archive.  Chris Blackwell, who had been to Kerity, was able to identify the letters on the boat as the name "GUILVINEC" the next port to Kerity on the Penmarc'h peninsula and she even had a photograph taken of the even and rather desolate coastline.  It is nice that we now can provide Jean Normand, the last of those brave men still alive, with some souvenirs to remember their risky adventure.  However he still has to confirm that the boat and the men are the same he came with - as there are not eight but nine men in the picture.


Some of our readers may have noticed that according to the June edition of SUTD, the electorate of the St. Ives constituency had dramatically increased to 7,168,075.  This was due to a typographical error and it should have read as follows..
'From an electorate of 71,680 75.20% = 53,901 voted.'

And not as was printed

'From an electorate of 7,168,075 20% = 53,901 voted.'

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