As without military forces war cannot take place one could even maintain that they by themselves portray the social evil they are supposed to eliminate. 

Lt. Gen. G. Bastian

The long awaited launching of Hicks & Sons 58 foot long passenger boat took place on 19th July 1997. The event was a low profile affair consisting of a simple blessing by Rev. Julian Ould and Rev. Brian Mavers. However, news travels fast in the islands, so by the time "Sea Horse" floated free of her launching cradle, there was a good gathering of spectators ready to raise a cheer as her horn signalled 'I am going ahead'. 

The photos by Julic Hicks, show top: Bryher Boat Services "Firethorn," the first of the new style of craft and "Sea Horse", the latest. Below; left to-right, Peter Martin, Shipwright; Steve and Fraser Hicks; Rev. Brian Mavers, Methodist Church; Rev. Julian Ould, Church of England; and Mike Hicks.


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