Sept/Oct 1997                             109
"It's because I'm much closer to people at the lower end of the social scale than those at the top, who can't forgive me for that.  My father always taught me to treat everyone as an equal. I have always done that, and I'm sure Harry and William do the same."  

the late Princess of Wales.

* Diana: 1/7/61 - 31/8/1997
 * Clusters of Golden Buttons
* Notice on the Stranding of MV "CITA"
* I.o.S. Environmental Trust
* What's On (see SoL diary)
* Flowering Scilly
* Museum News
* Bird Watch : More Shearwaters than ever
* Ruffians on the Rampage
* Comedy: "When we were married"
* Passing six Lighthouses in three hours
* Travelling abroad this Winter ?
* Letters to the Editor


It's light had been blown out in the year 1911. The white St. Agnes Lighthouse is now used as a private dwelling.  Though being the oldest lighthouse on the Isles of Scilly, agewise it can't compete with other purpose-like installations of the world.  Already the Romans had built a network of lighthouses at many a harbour mouth, one of those still existing at Dover.  In history however the most famous of all is the Pharos of Alexandria, built about 280 BC by the architect Sostratos of Knidos.  With a height of 140 metres it was regarded as one of the seven wonders of the antique world.  While its open fire led ships safely into Alexandria for almost one and a half millennium the coal fire on the 23m high St. Agnes tower, built for Trinity House in 1680 by Capt. Hugh Till and Capt. Symon Bayly, only lasted for little more than hundred years.  Then it was replaced by a more modern oilfire on a circular wick.  The large fire basket used at first is on display in Tresco Garden.

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