Quiet and peaceful.  That's what Scilly - apart from its beauty and climate has always been praised for.  That's why so many visitors come again and again.  Or: is there something rotten in the Isles of Scilly?
During these last months things have happened that not only make everybody angry but confirm the suspicion that there are some people obviously not fit to live in a civilised community.  How can one otherwise explain incidents like these:

"He who wants to create hell on earth, only has to allow everybody to do whatever they like"
- so said Graham Greene.  WE SHOULDN'T!


Owing to family commitments I shall be away from the islands from early November through December and January 1997-8. John Hicks will also be away again this winter. To avoid having Christmas in the dark I am hoping someone will come forward to organise and assist in the installation of he Christmas lights. There are many helpers available, but we need someone to oversee the whole procedure installation (2 weeks) and removal (2 days)). I can assure you there is great personal rewards to be had, as seen on everyone's faces over the festive season. Will anyone interested please make contact early so that a briefing may take place prior to my going away.  
Ian Hopkin, Shearwater, St. Mary's. 422402

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