November 1997                             110
A host should always try to make his guests feel at home. 

A guest should never forget that he isn't. 



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For a short while only, one could see them lying alongside in St. Mary's harbour: the Arun-Class Lifeboat "Robert Edgar"' built in 1980, now replaced by the Severn-Class "The Whiteheads".  The Severn Class Boat is not only larger by 1 metre (overall length 17m) but also faster by 7 knots (25 knots). 

The "Robert Edgar" stayed in service for the Isles of Scilly Lifeboat Station until her crew had become sufficiently confident to operate the new boat as effectively as they did the old one. 

Scilly's off-lying position at the borderline between coastal waters and the open Atlantic will be well served by such an all-weather lifeboat which is one of the R.N.L.I.'s largest. 


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