NOVEMBER 1997                     110



In July of this year, some clubs in our district on the mainland sponsored candidates who spent a most interesting week at Kelly College Adventure Centre in Tavistock learning various skills from Public Speaking to Life Saving Techniques and  First Aid.
Forty young adults graduated and have impressed people by their account of the impact that the week had on them.
The Isles of Scilly Rotary Club did not participate in July this year, but feel that they  would like to sponsor a candidate for July 1998.
President John Goody has gained the Club's support to sponsor such a candidate by paying the  weekly fee charged by the college.
Our club would now like to find a young adult, between the age of 18 and 28 from our community with leadership skills or potential who could benefit from the one week experience.
The outcome for the selected candidate is a week's intensive experience in an Outward Bound environment, incorporating group discussions and presentations by leading speakers on a broad range of topics. A total of over 9,000 young adults worldwide go through this programme every year.

If you would like to participate in this experience, please contact:
            John Goody         423025
or         Tony Dingley       422327.






It was on Saturday, the 19th of July this year, that a group of exhausted girl-guides eagerly waited for the first ration of Scillonian fish and chips.  They had just finished the work of erecting a camp of altogether seven tents under some pinetrees at the edge of a field close to Mr. Arthur Swift's Mount Todden Farm. The Ordnance map of the Isles of Scilly reveals that the site once must have been of military importance, being recorded as "Mount Todden Battery".  For the tenth ensuing year however, the place had to go through a peaceful though very lively occupation.  To the lst Shirenewton Girl-Guides it has become the synonym for fun, for grilling and feasting, adventure, swimming, boating and songs around the camp fire. 
This year there were seventeen guides - under fifteen years of age - and besides two "rangers", three "YL's", a Unit Helper, a QM, a Scouter and three Guiders - a happy crew, trying to give the guides a bit of guiding, should they allow this to happen.  On the following pages we are printing some pictures and some of the enthusiastic impressions the girls wrote down for their camp-report.[Only in the print edition I'm afraid]  Their common quintessence: let's do the Mount Todden again!
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