NOVEMBER 1997                     110


In order to raise funds, for Carreg Dhu Community Garden, it was agreed to run a Treasure Trail, from Easter to October in 1997.  We decided to make the route as easy as possible, thinking of older visitors and families with small children.
During November'96 He Who Was Not To Be Involved was dragged out to walk a route and help choose suitable landmarks.  A boring T.V. Programme over Christmas gave plenty of time for the clues to be worked out and in the New Year the walk was checked a second time.  John Read printed the sheets of clues for us and they were distributed to the Hotels, Guest Houses and the T.I.C., in time for the arrival of the Easter visitors.  So far so good.  Then things began to change!
The following are the answers & what happened to our carefully worked out Trail:-
  1. Pelistry (Cottage).
  2. Bureau de Douane (Customs House).
  3. A.S.1906 (the Old School).  The clue said "Along the Strand", but many people chose the Catholic Church & A.S.1860. The notice in the school saying "Music Centre" vanished after awhile and the Musical evenings stopped in the school holidays.
  4. 15 - 5,4,3,2,1. (Duchy Sign)
  5. Hemlock Water-dropwort or Oenanthe crocata (Lower Moor Gates).
  6. P.C.P.I. (BT green metal box).  By June the white letters had been almost rubbed away, by August they had gone!
  7. 1847 (New Seat Corner).  He Who Was Not To Be Involved had to keep cutting back the gorse & bracken, which kept hiding the date.
  8. "Welcome Treasure Hunters" (In the glass fronted notice board).
  9. Green Bros (on seat).
  10. Owl (on the outside wall of John Bordeaux's Pottery).
  11. W. T. Allen & Co., London (letter box).
  12. Old Town or Tolman's (Cafés).
  13. Mark Groves ("Nowhere").  Mark usually has a board outside his house advertising his diving safaris.  However on 24th March the Cita was wrecked and Mark was fully involved with the salvage & didn't put his sign out until well into the summer.
  14. 1995 (the sign put up by the School Governors).
  15. 100 (a numbered line of circles on the playground).  The Governors were asked to improve school security and we were asked (quite rightly) not to walk through, while the school was in progress.  Then the Dragon was painted out!
  16. When "Trailer not in place" (in front of the Incinerator).  The first part of this clue was a real disaster, just before Easter, dogs savaged the turkeys, geese & ducks, leaving only a few hens unharmed.
  17. Peach Basket (David's Basket ball goal).  Answer found in local library.  This was supposed to be the tie breaker.
  18. Handles on B.T. 'phone boxes (one red, one green).
  19. Masonic Hall (next to the Church Hall).
  20. Braemar (Bungalow opp.  Four Seasons).

We had 8 completely correct answers, all at different times of the season.  1st Prize was won by Anne & Martin Robinson of Plymouth.
As there was so much confusion, with so many of the clues, it was decided to put everyone else into the 2nd prize draw and that was won by The Whites of Northwood.
Thank you for all the little messages and for taking part.  It was a relief to know how many of you enjoyed the walk, and didn't mind our shortcomings over the vanishing answers.
If He Who Was Not To Be Involved will go for another walk in November '97, we will hope to have another Treasure Trail, with more permanent answers, ready for Easter 1998.
The money raised from this years Treasure Trail will help pay for a winter gardener - a real benefit to Carreg Dhu.
And finally - thank you to everyone who has helped in the Garden this year, particularly the visitors who gave up days of their holiday to clear and plant, we really appreciate your efforts.  HELP is now needed to keep the newly cleared & planted beds free of annual weeds.  Are there any residents of St. Mary's who would be prepared to be responsible for a small piece of border please?  Heavy work is not involved, only occasional weeding, whenever convenient.  Any help would be very gratefully received.

Please contact June Lethbridge (Tel: 422404)
            or       Sue Milligan       (Tel: 422793)
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