Dec/Jan/Feb 1997/8                             111
Nothing changes the principals of a political party more than the transition from opposition to government 
Carlo Manzoni
The Bouyancy of a Sieve
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It would have been a relief if the few big heads among the almost 10,000 participants in the Kyoto Conference on global warming had been able to offer the world a second Noah's ark. However they produced propositions with so many loopholes that the buoyancy of their ark resembles that of a sieve. 
Forefather Noah who - according to the Bible - must have been favoured with an early warning of the coming deluge, to give him time for building the boat and organising the pair-wise embarkation of each living species on earth. The so-called leaders of our world have also been warned at least since the publication of "The Global 2000 Report to the (US-) President" in 1980.  However, apart from talking they have done nothing yet seriously to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.  With a share of 25% the United States are among the worst polluters.  Under pressure, mainly by their greedy multies, their only compromise was to leave it as it is - or (as if to demonstrate their arrogant resumption, that everything on earth is saleable) simply to buy and add unused emission-quotas from less industrialised nations. 
If global warming is not reduced soon, the evidence suggests that the time will come when Noah's ark will be needed again to rescue mankind from the rising sea-level. 

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