Dec/Jan/Feb 1997/8                    111
[You know this anyway but I thought I'd include it - Nick]

'Scilly and the Internet'

Many of you will have heard of the Internet but perhaps not really understand what it is. Basically it is a world-wide network of computers which you can tap into using your computer and a phone. It allows you to access information on other computers on the Internet, whether it's the latest cricket score or weather forecast, an on-line gardening catalogue or a chat forum where you can discuss flower arranging with fellow enthusiasts around the world. You can also send 'e-mail', an electronic message which can be text, pictures or even sound or video to other Internet users around the world for the price of a local phone call. It's true there are also some pretty distasteful things on the Internet but that's also the case with video, TV or magazines.

All very impressive you might think but how does this affect me? Well, did you know that Scilly now has its very own Internet site, ScillyOnLine, which includes a version of this magazine and all sorts of other information about Scilly. Hundreds of people around the world look at ScillyOnLine and many have subsequently made accommodation enquiries. So if you would like to become part of ScillyOnLine or just want to know more about the Internet contact me at the address below. Charities and other non-profit organisations will be offered space for free.

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