March/April 1998                    112


– A Splendid Performance

Full and appreciative audiences attended the Drama Hall to see three performances of Il Campiello performed by Year 11 Drama group. Written by Carl Goldini, it described the action in a small residential square in Venice in the 18th Century. We met three very formidable mothers superbly played by Kelly Hayes as Caterina, Kathy Jackman as Pasqua and Eleanor Ould as Orsola. Two are having trouble with their respective daughters, Joanna Legg as the beautiful Lucietta, Georgia Ward as the very sweet Agnese. Issy Taylor as the oh so snobbish Gasperina who having no mother has to endure life with an extremely irascible uncle Fabrizio played expertly by Russell Hutchens. Into the square with a flourish comes Count Astolphi who takes command of the situation. James Watt played this part with a maturity far beyond his years. His remarks to the audience were confident and assured.

The boy friends of the girls, Angelo (Darren Ball) who loved Lucietta, and Giorgio (David Smirke) who’s mother was linking him with Agnese were very macho and acted with aplomb. Sansuga (Alex Christopher) the manager of the cafe brought much depth to an unrewarding role. Particularly well done were the many staged arguments in the Square which gained in momentum as the play progressed. The lighting was effective and the set design perfect for 18th Century Venice (Jolyon Atkinson and Jo Probert). The sheer confidence of the players, their diction and delivery all conspired to present a most enjoyable evening. It was explained that this was year 11's GCSE Drama Group. Such a high standard is a credit to Ben Probert’s direction and enthusiasm. The cast made it seem effortless, we can only guess at the hard work involved!!
Maggie Perkovic.
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