March/April 1998                    112



An Excellent Result

At long last, the rolls of polyester film collected from the Cita's cargo have been taken off the Islands.  Over two hundred rolls have been sent to Berwick on Tweed, to be cut up and made into pellets.  The pellets will then travel back down to the Midlands, where they will be spun into hollow fibre for duvets and coat fillings.  It is a tremendous relief to see the end of this unhappy saga and it is also pleasing to think that the material is to be recycled instead of being burnt.  The Trust has to thank Mr Chris Jones of the Bell Rock Hotel for locating the contacts which finally achieved this excellent result.  With the whole rolls of polyester removed, the remaining unravelled film will be collected as it appears.
During January and February, the Trust will be cutting various stands of gorse.  All the areas being controlled are sites where native flora is being masked. Some areas, such as Bant's Carn, are also rich in archaeological features and there is a danger of these being damaged by the gorse roots.  The cut areas soon heal over and there is then the opportunity for the original flora to re-establish once again.  At Mount Todden and Helvear there are already signs of Campion, Foxglove and the small blue Milkwort.  The removal of the moribund gorse also dramatically reduces the risk of fire.  At both these sites there are Civil War Batteries and strategic positions.
The Trust is endeavouring to provide a comprehensive network of footpaths on St Mary's.  Increased traffic has emphasised the need to create a number of links, in order to ensure that walkers can reach all parts of the island safely.  Two years ago, we were able to extend the Lower Moors Nature Trail into the fields along Rose Hill and this path has already proved very popular.  Now, with the help of the Duchy of Cornwall and a number of volunteers, two further extensions are to be made.  One is to take the path inside the first field from Rocky Hill along Porthloo Lane and the second is through the field opposite the Porthloo Pond.  The first link will give pedestrians the chance to pass a dangerous corner separate from the traffic, and the second part will give a new perspective of the pond and open wetland.  Both paths will be surfaced so that they assist people who find walking difficult.  The short length between the two fields will still mean walking on the roadside, but here we will try to increase the verge to make a path along the hedge.  Jan. 98


As from the May issue, the subscription of £5.50 will cover eight issues instead of the previous nine.  This comes into line with the year's publishings - i.e. monthly May - Sept. (5) Bi-monthly Oct/Nov, the 3 monthly Dec/Jan/Feb, and bi-monthly Mar/April.  Instead of a minimum charity donation of £1.10, the new amount will be £1.40 (just over 17p per issue), which I hope you will find acceptable.
Your donations, including the very many extra amounts, have again totalled over £2,000 in the past year.  Very many thanks for your generosity, which is much appreciated by all the charities concerned.  These are - the new I.o.S Health Centre Trust, the I.o.S Medical Launch Trust, the First Air Ambulance Trust (Cornwall), Action Research, Cancer Research and British Heart Foundation.
I assure those of you who specifically ask not to include their donation to any of the charities named, that I respect your views and allocate accordingly.
Finally, thank you most sincerely for your comments and also for all your kind wishes, cards and letters during my illness, and at Christmas, and the forbearance you have shown when things went awry!  
Dorothy Read

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