May 1998                                       113


 notice board (10kb)gigs on holgates green (30kb)

sccenes from holgates (26kb)It was as if the sky had been especially cleared for the event. Between somewhat rainy days and following foggy weather the more than 100 gig-crews competing in the World Pilot Gig Championship could enjoy a sunny hank-holiday weekend. It was however a bit more than breezy, so that the traditional race from St. Agnes had to be re-routed. The strong wind and the choppy sea added both to the challenge and the effort demanded from the oarsmen and women. But it too stimulated their enthusiasm and their satisfaction, successfully to have defied the forces of nature, even if their boat was not among the winners. And isnít that what it is mainly about?

one of the races (11kb)

More news from the World Gig Championships

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