May 1998                                       113


Cancer Research Campaign is celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year and is looking for more supporters. CRC funds around a third of all research into cancer and is European leader in anti-cancer drug development. Its aims within the next 5 years are:
  1. Increase cure rates from 60% to 70% in children with cancer.
  2. Develop 3 new drugs which show clinical promise in common cancers (such as breast, bowel, prostate and lung).
  3. Discover an effective gene treatment for any cancer.
  4. Significantly reduce side effects of treatment and improve quality of life.
  5. Improve cancer cure rates for adults from four-out-of-ten to five-out-of-ten.
  6. Implement an effective cancer prevention/education programme for a key target group.
People in Scilly and friends of Scilly are generous, it is appreciated, but this year we want to make an even bigger effort. I have taken over as secretary from Brenda Barson and should be glad to enroll new members either by donation or practical assistance in our activities here. Without Government support our success depends entirely on the publicís generosity. It is salutary to remember that it is estimated that cancer now affects one in three people at some during their lifetime.
Primrose Lazar.

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