Things to do on the Isles of Scilly

There are lots of things to do on Scilly, from sailing to bus tours, but don't forget that part of Scilly's charm is that you don't have to be busy all the time. You're sure to want to spend at least some of your time soaking up the relaxed atmosphere.

Whether or not you are a regular rider at home, we can strongly recommend a lesson or hack with the wonderful team at St Mary's Riding Centre. They have some lovely ponies and horses, and it really is a unique way to view the stunning and varied landscapes of St Mary's.

We also love to run, swim in the sea, kayak and sail around the islands; there are providers who can help you to do all of these things and more on St Mary's and the off-islands.

In the past we have posted blog-style recommendations of some of our favourite activities and days out on the islands. You can read some of them here.


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